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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
2 Tessalonicenses 1:1 Paul<Dic>, and<Dic> Silvanus<Dic>, and<Dic> Timotheus<Dic>, unto the church<Dic> of the Thessalonians<Dic> in<Dic> God<Dic> our<Dic> Father<Dic> and<Dic> the Lord<Dic> Jesus<Dic> Christ<Dic>:    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:2 Grace<Dic> unto you<Dic>, and<Dic> peace<Dic>, from<Dic> God<Dic> our<Dic> Father<Dic> and<Dic> the Lord<Dic> Jesus<Dic> Christ<Dic>.    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:3 "We are bound<Dic> to thank<Dic> God<Dic> always<Dic> for<Dic> you<Dic>, brethren<Dic>, as<Dic> it is<Dic> meet<Dic>, because<Dic> that your<Dic> faith<Dic> groweth exceedingly<Dic>, and<Dic> the charity<Dic> of every<Dic> one<Dic> of you<Dic> all<Dic> toward<Dic> each other<Dic> aboundeth<Dic>;"    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:4 So<Dic> that we<Dic> ourselves<Dic> glory<Dic> in<Dic> you<Dic> in<Dic> the churches<Dic> of God<Dic> for<Dic> your<Dic> patience<Dic> and<Dic> faith<Dic> in<Dic> all<Dic> your<Dic> persecutions<Dic> and<Dic> tribulations<Dic> that<Dic> ye endure<Dic>:    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:5 Which is a manifest token<Dic> of the righteous<Dic> judgment<Dic> of God<Dic>, that<Dic> ye<Dic> may be counted worthy<Dic> of the kingdom<Dic> of God<Dic>, for<Dic> which<Dic> ye<Dic> also<Dic> suffer<Dic>:    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:6 "Seeing<Dic> it is a righteous thing<Dic> with<Dic> God<Dic> to recompense<Dic> tribulation<Dic> to them that trouble<Dic> you<Dic>;"    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:7 And<Dic> to you<Dic> who are troubled<Dic> rest<Dic> with<Dic> us<Dic>, when<Dic> the Lord<Dic> Jesus<Dic> shall be revealed<Dic> from<Dic> heaven<Dic> with<Dic> his<Dic> mighty<Dic> angels<Dic>, "his...: Gr. the angels of his power; "    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:8 In<Dic> flaming<Dic> fire<Dic> taking<Dic> vengeance<Dic> on them that know<Dic> not<Dic> God<Dic>, and<Dic> that obey<Dic> not<Dic> the gospel<Dic> of our<Dic> Lord<Dic> Jesus<Dic> Christ<Dic>: "taking: or, yielding; "    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:9 "Who<Dic> shall be punished<Dic><Dic> with everlasting<Dic> destruction<Dic> from<Dic> the presence<Dic> of the Lord<Dic>, and<Dic> from<Dic> the glory<Dic> of his<Dic> power<Dic>;"    
2 Tessalonicenses 1:10 When<Dic> he shall come<Dic> to be glorified<Dic> in<Dic> his<Dic> saints<Dic>, and<Dic> to be admired<Dic> in<Dic> all<Dic> them that believe<Dic> (because<Dic> our<Dic> testimony<Dic> among<Dic> you<Dic> was believed<Dic>) in<Dic> that<Dic> day<Dic>.    

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