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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Atos 16:9 "And<Dic> a vision<Dic> appeared<Dic> to Paul<Dic> in<Dic> the night<Dic>; There stood<Dic><Dic> a man<Dic><Dic> of Macedonia<Dic>, and prayed<Dic> him<Dic>,<Dic> saying<Dic>, Come over<Dic> into<Dic> Macedonia<Dic>, and help<Dic> us<Dic>."    
Atos 16:10 And<Dic> after<Dic> he had seen<Dic> the vision<Dic>, immediately<Dic> we endeavoured<Dic> to go<Dic> into<Dic> Macedonia<Dic>, assuredly gathering<Dic> that<Dic> the Lord<Dic> had called<Dic> us<Dic> for to preach the gospel<Dic> unto them<Dic>.    
Atos 16:11 "Therefore<Dic> loosing<Dic> from<Dic> Troas<Dic>, we came with a straight course<Dic> to<Dic> Samothracia<Dic>, and<Dic> the next<Dic> day to<Dic> Neapolis<Dic>;"    
Atos 16:12 And<Dic> from thence<Dic> to<Dic> Philippi<Dic>, which<Dic> is<Dic> the chief<Dic> city<Dic> of that part<Dic> of Macedonia<Dic>, and a colony<Dic>: and<Dic> we were<Dic> in<Dic> that<Dic> city<Dic> abiding<Dic> certain<Dic> days<Dic>. "the chief: or, the first; "    
Atos 16:13 "And<Dic> on the sabbath<Dic><Dic> we went<Dic> out of<Dic> the city<Dic> by<Dic> a river side<Dic>, where<Dic> prayer<Dic> was wont<Dic> to be made<Dic>; and<Dic> we sat down<Dic>, and spake<Dic> unto the women<Dic> which resorted<Dic> thither ." "sabbath: Gr. sabbath day; "    
Atos 16:14 And<Dic> a certain<Dic> woman<Dic> named<Dic> Lydia<Dic>, a seller of purple<Dic>, of the city<Dic> of Thyatira<Dic>, which worshipped<Dic> God<Dic>, heard<Dic> us : whose<Dic> heart<Dic> the Lord<Dic> opened<Dic>, that she attended<Dic> unto the things which were spoken<Dic> of<Dic> Paul<Dic>.    
Atos 16:15 And<Dic> when<Dic> she was baptized<Dic>, and<Dic> her<Dic> household<Dic>, she besought<Dic> us , saying<Dic>, If<Dic> ye have judged<Dic> me<Dic> to be<Dic> faithful<Dic> to the Lord<Dic>, come<Dic> into<Dic> my<Dic> house<Dic>, and abide<Dic> there . And<Dic> she constrained<Dic> us<Dic>.    
Atos 16:16 And<Dic> it came to pass<Dic>, as we<Dic> went<Dic> to<Dic> prayer<Dic>, a certain<Dic> damsel<Dic> possessed<Dic> with a spirit<Dic> of divination<Dic> met<Dic> us<Dic>, which<Dic> brought<Dic> her<Dic> masters<Dic> much<Dic> gain<Dic> by soothsaying<Dic>: "of divination: or, of Python; "    
Atos 16:17 The same<Dic> followed<Dic> Paul<Dic> and<Dic> us<Dic>, and cried<Dic>, saying<Dic>, These<Dic> men<Dic> are<Dic> the servants<Dic> of the most high<Dic> God<Dic>, which<Dic> shew<Dic> unto us<Dic> the way<Dic> of salvation<Dic>.    
Atos 16:18 And<Dic> this<Dic> did she<Dic><Dic> many<Dic> days<Dic>. But<Dic> Paul<Dic>, being grieved<Dic>, turned<Dic> and<Dic> said<Dic> to the spirit<Dic>, I command<Dic> thee<Dic> in<Dic> the name<Dic> of Jesus<Dic> Christ<Dic> to come<Dic> out of<Dic> her<Dic>. And<Dic> he came out<Dic> the same<Dic> hour<Dic>.    

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