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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Lucas 1:1 Forasmuch<Dic> as many<Dic> have taken in hand<Dic> to set forth in order<Dic> a declaration<Dic> of<Dic> those things<Dic> which are most surely believed<Dic> among<Dic> us<Dic>,    
Lucas 1:2 "Even<Dic> as they delivered<Dic> them unto us<Dic>, which<Dic> from<Dic> the beginning<Dic> were<Dic> eyewitnesses<Dic>, and<Dic> ministers<Dic> of the word<Dic>;"    
Lucas 1:3 It seemed<Dic> good to me also<Dic>, having had perfect<Dic> understanding<Dic> of all things<Dic> from the very first<Dic>, to write<Dic> unto thee<Dic> in order<Dic>, most excellent<Dic> Theophilus<Dic>,    
Lucas 1:4 That<Dic> thou mightest know<Dic> the certainty<Dic> of<Dic> those things<Dic>, wherein<Dic> thou hast been instructed<Dic>.    
Lucas 1:5 There was<Dic> in<Dic> the days<Dic> of Herod<Dic>, the king<Dic> of Judaea<Dic>, a certain<Dic> priest<Dic> named<Dic> Zacharias<Dic>, of<Dic> the course<Dic> of Abia<Dic>: and<Dic> his<Dic> wife<Dic> was of<Dic> the daughters<Dic> of Aaron<Dic>, and<Dic> her<Dic> name<Dic> was Elisabeth<Dic>.    
Lucas 1:6 And<Dic> they were<Dic> both<Dic> righteous<Dic> before<Dic> God<Dic>, walking<Dic> in<Dic> all<Dic> the commandments<Dic> and<Dic> ordinances<Dic> of the Lord<Dic> blameless<Dic>.    
Lucas 1:7 And<Dic> they<Dic> had<Dic> no<Dic> child<Dic>, because<Dic> that Elisabeth<Dic> was<Dic> barren<Dic>, and<Dic> they<Dic> both<Dic> were<Dic> now well stricken<Dic> in<Dic> years<Dic>.    
Lucas 1:8 And<Dic> it came to pass<Dic>, that while<Dic> he<Dic> executed the priest's office<Dic> before<Dic> God<Dic> in<Dic> the order<Dic> of his<Dic> course<Dic>,    
Lucas 1:9 According<Dic> to the custom<Dic> of the priest's office<Dic>, his lot<Dic> was to burn incense<Dic> when he went<Dic> into<Dic> the temple<Dic> of the Lord<Dic>.    
Lucas 1:10 And<Dic> the whole<Dic> multitude<Dic> of the people<Dic> were<Dic> praying<Dic> without<Dic> at the time<Dic> of incense<Dic>.    

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