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Marcos 4:1And again he began to teach by the sea, and there was gathered unto him a great multitude, so that he, having gone into the boat, sat in the sea, and all the multitude was near the sea, on the land,    
Marcos 4:2and he taught them many things in similes, and he said to them in his teaching:    
Marcos 4:3`Hearken, lo, the sower went forth to sow;    
Marcos 4:4and it came to pass, in the sowing, some fell by the way, and the fowls of the heaven did come and devour it;    
Marcos 4:5and other fell upon the rocky ground, where it had not much earth, and immediately it sprang forth, because of not having depth of earth,    
Marcos 4:6and the sun having risen, it was scorched, and because of not having root it did wither;    
Marcos 4:7and other fell toward the thorns, and the thorns did come up, and choke it, and fruit it gave not;    
Marcos 4:8and other fell to the good ground, and was giving fruit, coming up and increasing, and it bare, one thirty-fold, and one sixty, and one an hundred.`    
Marcos 4:9And he said to them, `He who is having ears to hear -- let him hear.`    
Marcos 4:10And when he was alone, those about him, with the twelve, did ask him of the simile,    

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