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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Habacuque 1:11 Then shall his mind<Dic> change<Dic>, and he shall pass over<Dic>, and offend<Dic>, imputing this<Dic> his power<Dic> unto his god<Dic>.    
Habacuque 1:12 " Art thou not from everlasting<Dic>, O LORD<Dic> my God<Dic>, mine Holy One<Dic>? we shall not die<Dic>. O LORD<Dic>, thou hast ordained<Dic> them for judgment<Dic>; and, O mighty God<Dic>, thou hast established<Dic> them for correction<Dic>." "mighty...: Heb. rock; established: Heb. founded; "    
Habacuque 1:13 Thou art of purer<Dic> eyes<Dic> than to behold<Dic> evil<Dic>, and canst<Dic> not look<Dic> on iniquity<Dic>: wherefore lookest<Dic> thou upon them that deal treacherously<Dic>, and holdest thy tongue<Dic> when the wicked<Dic> devoureth<Dic> the man that is more righteous<Dic> than he? "iniquity: or, grievance; "    
Habacuque 1:14 And makest<Dic> men<Dic> as the fishes<Dic> of the sea<Dic>, as the creeping things<Dic>, that have no ruler<Dic> over them? "creeping: or, moving; "    
Habacuque 1:15 They take up<Dic> all of them with the angle<Dic>, they catch<Dic> them in their net<Dic>, and gather<Dic> them in their drag<Dic>: therefore they rejoice<Dic> and are glad<Dic>. "drag: or, flue net; "    
Habacuque 1:16 "Therefore they sacrifice<Dic> unto their net<Dic>, and burn incense<Dic> unto their drag<Dic>; because by them<Dic> their portion<Dic> is fat<Dic>, and their meat<Dic> plenteous<Dic>." "plenteous: or, dainty: Heb. fat; "    
Habacuque 1:17 Shall they therefore empty<Dic> their net<Dic>, and not spare<Dic> continually<Dic> to slay<Dic> the nations<Dic>?    

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