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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Habacuque 1:1 The burden<Dic> which Habakkuk<Dic> the prophet<Dic> did see<Dic>.    
Habacuque 1:2 O LORD<Dic>, how long shall I cry<Dic>, and thou wilt not hear<Dic>! even cry out<Dic> unto thee of violence<Dic>, and thou wilt not save<Dic>!    
Habacuque 1:3 Why dost thou shew<Dic> me iniquity<Dic>, and cause me to behold<Dic> grievance<Dic>? for spoiling<Dic> and violence<Dic> are before me: and there are that raise up<Dic> strife<Dic> and contention<Dic>.    
Habacuque 1:4 "Therefore the law<Dic> is slacked<Dic>, and judgment<Dic> doth never<Dic> go forth<Dic>: for the wicked<Dic> doth compass<Dic> about the righteous<Dic>; therefore wrong<Dic> judgment<Dic> proceedeth<Dic>." "wrong: or, wrested; "    
Habacuque 1:5 Behold<Dic> ye among the heathen<Dic>, and regard<Dic>, and wonder<Dic> marvellously<Dic>: for I will work<Dic> a work<Dic> in your days<Dic>, which ye will not believe<Dic>, though it be told<Dic> you .    
Habacuque 1:6 For, lo, I raise up<Dic> the Chaldeans<Dic>, that bitter<Dic> and hasty<Dic> nation<Dic>, which shall march<Dic> through the breadth<Dic> of the land<Dic>, to possess<Dic> the dwellingplaces<Dic> that are not theirs. "breadth: Heb. breadths; "    
Habacuque 1:7 They are terrible<Dic> and dreadful<Dic>: their judgment<Dic> and their dignity<Dic> shall proceed<Dic> of themselves. "their judgment...: or, from them shall proceed the judgment of these, and the captivity of these; "    
Habacuque 1:8 "Their horses<Dic> also are swifter<Dic> than the leopards<Dic>, and are more fierce<Dic> than the evening<Dic> wolves<Dic>: and their horsemen<Dic> shall spread<Dic> themselves, and their horsemen<Dic> shall come<Dic> from far<Dic>; they shall fly<Dic> as the eagle<Dic> that hasteth<Dic> to eat<Dic>." "fierce: Heb. sharp; "    
Habacuque 1:9 They shall come<Dic> all for violence<Dic>: their faces<Dic> shall sup up<Dic> as the east wind<Dic>, and they shall gather<Dic> the captivity<Dic> as the sand<Dic>. "their...: or, the supping up of their faces, etc: or, their faces shall look (Heb. the opposition of their faces) toward the east; "    
Habacuque 1:10 "And they shall scoff<Dic> at the kings<Dic>, and the princes<Dic> shall be a scorn<Dic> unto them: they shall deride<Dic> every strong hold<Dic>; for they shall heap<Dic> dust<Dic>, and take<Dic> it."    

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