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   Versão: English: Young's Literal Translation
Naum 1:1 Burden of Nineveh. The Book of the Vision of Nahum the Elkoshite.    
Naum 1:2 A God zealous and avenging [is] Jehovah, An avenger [is] Jehovah, and possessing fury. An avenger [is] Jehovah on His adversaries, And He is watching for His enemies.    
Naum 1:3 Jehovah [is] slow to anger, and great in power, And Jehovah doth not entirely acquit, In a hurricane and in a tempest [is] His way, And a cloud [is] the dust of His feet.    
Naum 1:4 He is pushing against a sea, and drieth it up, Yea, all the floods He hath made dry, Languishing [are] Bashan and Carmel, Yea, the flower of Lebanon [is] languishing.    
Naum 1:5 Mountains have shaken because of Him, And the hills have been melted; And lifted up [is] the earth at His presence, And the world and all dwelling in it.    
Naum 1:6 Before His indignation who doth stand? And who riseth up in the heat of His anger? His fury hath been poured out like fire, And the rocks have been broken by Him.    
Naum 1:7 Good [is] Jehovah for a strong place in a day of distress. And He knoweth those trusting in Him.    
Naum 1:8 And with a flood passing over, An end He maketh of its place, And His enemies doth darkness pursue.    
Naum 1:9 What do we devise against Jehovah? An end He is making, arise not twice doth distress.    
Naum 1:10 For while princes [are] perplexed, And with their drink are drunken, They have been consumed as stubble fully dried.    

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