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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Naum 1:1 The burden<Dic> of Nineveh<Dic>. The book<Dic> of the vision<Dic> of Nahum<Dic> the Elkoshite<Dic>.    
Naum 1:2 "God<Dic> is jealous<Dic>, and the LORD<Dic> revengeth<Dic>; the LORD<Dic> revengeth<Dic>, and is furious<Dic><Dic>; the LORD<Dic> will take vengeance<Dic> on his adversaries<Dic>, and he reserveth<Dic> wrath for his enemies<Dic>." "God...: or, The LORD is a jealous God, and a revenger, etc; is furious: Heb. that hath fury; "    
Naum 1:3 The LORD<Dic> is slow<Dic> to anger<Dic>, and great<Dic> in power<Dic>, and will not at all<Dic> acquit<Dic> the wicked : the LORD<Dic> hath his way<Dic> in the whirlwind<Dic> and in the storm<Dic>, and the clouds<Dic> are the dust<Dic> of his feet<Dic>.    
Naum 1:4 He rebuketh<Dic> the sea<Dic>, and maketh it dry<Dic>, and drieth up<Dic> all the rivers<Dic>: Bashan<Dic> languisheth<Dic>, and Carmel<Dic>, and the flower<Dic> of Lebanon<Dic> languisheth<Dic>.    
Naum 1:5 The mountains<Dic> quake<Dic> at him, and the hills<Dic> melt<Dic>, and the earth<Dic> is burned<Dic> at his presence<Dic>, yea, the world<Dic>, and all that dwell<Dic> therein.    
Naum 1:6 Who can stand<Dic> before<Dic> his indignation<Dic>? and who can abide<Dic> in the fierceness<Dic> of his anger<Dic>? his fury<Dic> is poured out<Dic> like fire<Dic>, and the rocks<Dic> are thrown down<Dic> by him. "abide: Heb. stand up; "    
Naum 1:7 "The LORD<Dic> is good<Dic>, a strong hold<Dic> in the day<Dic> of trouble<Dic>; and he knoweth<Dic> them that trust<Dic> in him." "strong hold: or, strength; "    
Naum 1:8 But with an overrunning<Dic> flood<Dic> he will make<Dic> an utter end<Dic> of the place<Dic> thereof, and darkness<Dic> shall pursue<Dic> his enemies<Dic>.    
Naum 1:9 What do ye imagine<Dic> against the LORD<Dic>? he will make<Dic> an utter end<Dic>: affliction<Dic> shall not rise up<Dic> the second time<Dic>.    
Naum 1:10 For while they be folden together<Dic> as thorns<Dic>, and while they are drunken<Dic> as drunkards<Dic>, they shall be devoured<Dic> as stubble<Dic> fully<Dic> dry<Dic>.    

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