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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Deuteronômio 8:2 And thou shalt remember<Dic> all the way<Dic> which the LORD<Dic> thy God<Dic> led<Dic> thee these forty<Dic> years<Dic> in the wilderness<Dic>, to humble<Dic> thee, and to prove<Dic> thee, to know<Dic> what was in thine heart<Dic>, whether thou wouldest keep<Dic> his commandments<Dic>, or no.    
Deuteronômio 8:3 "And he humbled<Dic> thee, and suffered thee to hunger<Dic>, and fed<Dic> thee with manna<Dic>, which thou knewest<Dic> not, neither did thy fathers<Dic> know<Dic>; that he might make thee know<Dic> that man<Dic> doth not live<Dic> by bread<Dic> only<Dic>, but by every word that proceedeth<Dic> out of the mouth<Dic> of the LORD<Dic> doth man<Dic> live<Dic>."    
Deuteronômio 8:4 Thy raiment<Dic> waxed not old<Dic> upon thee, neither did thy foot<Dic> swell<Dic>, these forty<Dic> years<Dic>.    
Deuteronômio 8:5 Thou shalt also consider<Dic> in<Dic> thine heart<Dic>, that, as a man<Dic> chasteneth<Dic> his son<Dic>, so the LORD<Dic> thy God<Dic> chasteneth<Dic> thee.    
Deuteronômio 8:6 Therefore thou shalt keep<Dic> the commandments<Dic> of the LORD<Dic> thy God<Dic>, to walk<Dic> in his ways<Dic>, and to fear<Dic> him.    

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