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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Deuteronômio 7:7 "The LORD<Dic> did not set his love<Dic> upon you, nor choose<Dic> you, because ye were more<Dic> in number than any people<Dic>; for ye were the fewest<Dic> of all people<Dic>:"    
Deuteronômio 7:8 But because the LORD<Dic> loved<Dic> you, and because he would keep<Dic> the oath<Dic> which he had sworn<Dic> unto your fathers<Dic>, hath the LORD<Dic> brought you out<Dic> with a mighty<Dic> hand<Dic>, and redeemed<Dic> you out of the house<Dic> of bondmen<Dic>, from the hand<Dic> of Pharaoh<Dic> king<Dic> of Egypt<Dic>.    

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