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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 4:11"And now art thou cursed<Dic> from the earth<Dic>, which hath opened<Dic> her mouth<Dic> to receive<Dic> thy brother's<Dic> blood<Dic> from thy hand<Dic>;"    
Gênesis 4:12"When<Dic> thou tillest<Dic> the ground<Dic>, it shall not henceforth<Dic> yield<Dic> unto thee her strength<Dic>; a fugitive<Dic> and a vagabond<Dic> shalt thou be in the earth<Dic>."    
Gênesis 4:13And Cain<Dic> said<Dic> unto the LORD<Dic>, My punishment<Dic> is greater<Dic> than I can bear<Dic>. "My...: or, Mine iniquity is greater than that it may be forgiven; "    
Gênesis 4:14"Behold, thou hast driven me out<Dic> this day<Dic> from the face<Dic> of the earth<Dic>; and from<Dic> thy face<Dic> shall I be hid<Dic>; and I shall be a fugitive<Dic> and a vagabond<Dic> in the earth<Dic>; and it shall come to pass<Dic>, that every one that findeth me<Dic> shall slay me<Dic>."    
Gênesis 4:15And the LORD<Dic> said<Dic> unto him, Therefore<Dic> whosoever slayeth<Dic> Cain<Dic>, vengeance shall be taken<Dic> on him sevenfold<Dic>. And the LORD<Dic> set<Dic> a mark<Dic> upon Cain<Dic>, lest<Dic> any finding<Dic> him should kill<Dic> him.    
Gênesis 4:16And Cain<Dic> went out<Dic> from the presence<Dic> of the LORD<Dic>, and dwelt<Dic> in the land<Dic> of Nod<Dic>, on the east<Dic> of Eden<Dic>.    
Gênesis 4:17"And Cain<Dic> knew<Dic> his wife<Dic>; and she conceived<Dic>, and bare<Dic> Enoch<Dic>: and he builded<Dic> a city<Dic>, and called<Dic> the name<Dic> of the city<Dic>, after the name<Dic> of his son<Dic>, Enoch<Dic>." "Enoch: Heb. Chanoch; "    
Gênesis 4:18And unto Enoch<Dic> was born<Dic> Irad<Dic>: and Irad<Dic> begat<Dic> Mehujael<Dic>: and Mehujael<Dic> begat<Dic> Methusael<Dic>: and Methusael<Dic> begat<Dic> Lamech<Dic>. "Lamech: Heb. Lemech; "    
Gênesis 4:19And Lamech<Dic> took<Dic> unto him two<Dic> wives<Dic>: the name<Dic> of the one<Dic> was Adah<Dic>, and the name<Dic> of the other<Dic> Zillah<Dic>.    
Gênesis 4:20And Adah<Dic> bare<Dic> Jabal<Dic>: he was the father<Dic> of such as dwell<Dic> in tents<Dic>, and of such as have cattle<Dic>.    

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