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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 3:5For God<Dic> doth know<Dic> that in the day<Dic> ye eat<Dic> thereof, then your eyes<Dic> shall be opened<Dic>, and ye shall be as gods<Dic>, knowing<Dic> good<Dic> and evil<Dic>.    
Gênesis 3:6"And when the woman<Dic> saw<Dic> that the tree<Dic> was good<Dic> for food<Dic>, and that it<Dic> was pleasant<Dic> to the eyes<Dic>, and a tree<Dic> to be desired<Dic> to make one wise<Dic>, she took<Dic> of the fruit thereof<Dic>, and did eat<Dic>, and gave<Dic> also<Dic> unto her husband<Dic> with her; and he did eat<Dic>." "pleasant: Heb. a desire; "    
Gênesis 3:7"And the eyes<Dic> of them both<Dic> were opened<Dic>, and they<Dic> knew<Dic> that they were naked<Dic>; and they sewed<Dic> fig<Dic> leaves<Dic> together<Dic>, and made themselves<Dic> aprons<Dic>." "aprons: or, things to gird about; "    
Gênesis 3:8And they heard<Dic> the voice<Dic> of the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> walking<Dic> in the garden<Dic> in the cool<Dic> of the day<Dic>: and Adam<Dic> and his wife<Dic> hid themselves<Dic> from the presence<Dic> of the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> amongst<Dic> the trees<Dic> of the garden<Dic>. "cool: Heb. wind; "    
Gênesis 3:9And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> called<Dic> unto Adam<Dic>, and said<Dic> unto him, Where art thou<Dic>?    
Gênesis 3:10"And he said<Dic>, I heard<Dic> thy voice<Dic> in the garden<Dic>, and I was afraid<Dic>, because I<Dic> was naked<Dic>; and I hid myself<Dic>."    
Gênesis 3:11And he said<Dic>, Who<Dic> told<Dic> thee that thou wast naked<Dic>? Hast thou eaten<Dic> of the tree<Dic>, whereof I commanded thee<Dic> that thou shouldest not<Dic> eat<Dic>?    
Gênesis 3:12And the man<Dic> said<Dic>, The woman<Dic> whom thou gavest<Dic> to be with me<Dic>, she<Dic> gave<Dic> me of the tree<Dic>, and I did eat<Dic>.    
Gênesis 3:13And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> said<Dic> unto the woman<Dic>, What is this that thou hast done<Dic>? And the woman<Dic> said<Dic>, The serpent<Dic> beguiled me<Dic>, and I did eat<Dic>.    
Gênesis 3:14"And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> said<Dic> unto the serpent<Dic>, Because thou<Dic> hast done<Dic> this, thou art cursed<Dic> above all cattle<Dic>, and above every beast<Dic> of the field<Dic>; upon thy belly<Dic> shalt thou go<Dic>, and dust<Dic> shalt thou eat<Dic> all the days<Dic> of thy life<Dic>:"    

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