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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 2:20"And Adam<Dic> gave<Dic> names<Dic> to all cattle<Dic>, and to the fowl<Dic> of the air<Dic>, and to every beast<Dic> of the field<Dic>; but for Adam<Dic> there was not found<Dic> an help meet<Dic> for him." "gave: Heb. called; "    
Gênesis 2:21"And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> caused<Dic> a deep sleep<Dic> to fall<Dic> upon Adam<Dic>, and he slept<Dic>: and he took<Dic> one<Dic> of his ribs<Dic>, and closed up<Dic> the flesh<Dic> instead thereof;"    
Gênesis 2:22And the rib<Dic>, which the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> had taken<Dic> from man<Dic>, made<Dic> he a woman<Dic>, and brought<Dic> her unto the man<Dic>. "made: Heb. builded; "    
Gênesis 2:23And Adam<Dic> said<Dic>, This<Dic> is now<Dic> bone<Dic> of my bones<Dic>, and flesh<Dic> of my flesh<Dic>: she<Dic> shall be called<Dic> Woman<Dic>, because she<Dic> was taken<Dic> out of Man<Dic>. "Woman: Heb. Isha; Man: Heb. Ish; "    
Gênesis 2:24Therefore<Dic> shall a man<Dic> leave<Dic> his father<Dic> and his mother<Dic>, and shall cleave<Dic> unto his wife<Dic>: and they shall be one<Dic> flesh<Dic>.    
Gênesis 2:25And they were both<Dic> naked<Dic>, the man<Dic> and his wife<Dic>, and were not ashamed<Dic>.    
Gênesis 3:1Now the serpent<Dic> was<Dic> more subtil<Dic> than any beast<Dic> of the field<Dic> which the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> had made<Dic>. And he said<Dic> unto the woman<Dic>, Yea<Dic>, hath God<Dic> said<Dic>, Ye shall not eat<Dic> of every tree<Dic> of the garden<Dic>? "Yea...: Heb. Yea, because, etc.; "    
Gênesis 3:2And the woman<Dic> said<Dic> unto the serpent<Dic>, We may eat<Dic> of the fruit<Dic> of the trees<Dic> of the garden<Dic>:    
Gênesis 3:3But of the fruit<Dic> of the tree<Dic> which is in the midst<Dic> of the garden<Dic>, God<Dic> hath said<Dic>, Ye shall not eat<Dic> of it, neither shall ye touch<Dic> it, lest<Dic> ye die<Dic>.    
Gênesis 3:4And the serpent<Dic> said<Dic> unto the woman<Dic>, Ye shall not surely<Dic> die<Dic>:    

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