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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 1:31And God<Dic> saw<Dic> every thing that<Dic> he had made<Dic>, and, behold, it was very<Dic> good<Dic>. And the evening<Dic> and the morning<Dic> were the sixth<Dic> day<Dic>. "And the evening...: Heb. And the evening was, and the morning was etc.; "    
Gênesis 2:1Thus the heavens<Dic> and the earth<Dic> were finished<Dic>, and all the host of them<Dic>.    
Gênesis 2:2"And on the seventh<Dic> day<Dic> God<Dic> ended<Dic> his work<Dic> which he had made<Dic>; and he rested<Dic> on the seventh<Dic> day<Dic> from all his work<Dic> which he had made<Dic>."    
Gênesis 2:3And God<Dic> blessed<Dic> the seventh<Dic> day<Dic>, and sanctified<Dic> it: because<Dic> that in it he had rested<Dic> from all his work<Dic> which God<Dic> created<Dic> and made<Dic>. "created...: Heb. created to make; "    
Gênesis 2:4These<Dic> are the generations<Dic> of the heavens<Dic> and of the earth<Dic> when they were created<Dic>, in the day<Dic> that the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> made<Dic> the earth<Dic> and the heavens<Dic>,    
Gênesis 2:5And every plant<Dic> of the field<Dic> before<Dic> it was in the earth<Dic>, and every herb<Dic> of the field<Dic> before<Dic> it grew<Dic>: for<Dic> the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> had not<Dic> caused it to rain<Dic> upon the earth<Dic>, and there was not<Dic> a man<Dic> to till<Dic> the ground<Dic>.    
Gênesis 2:6But there went up<Dic> a mist<Dic> from<Dic> the earth<Dic>, and watered<Dic> the whole face<Dic> of the ground<Dic>. "there...: or, a mist which went up from, etc.; "    
Gênesis 2:7"And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> formed<Dic> man<Dic> of the dust<Dic> of<Dic> the ground<Dic>, and breathed<Dic> into his nostrils<Dic> the breath<Dic> of life<Dic>; and man<Dic> became a living<Dic> soul<Dic>." "of the dust...: Heb. dust of the ground; "    
Gênesis 2:8"And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> planted<Dic> a garden<Dic> eastward<Dic> in Eden<Dic>; and there<Dic> he put<Dic> the man<Dic> whom<Dic> he had formed<Dic>."    
Gênesis 2:9"And out<Dic> of the ground<Dic> made<Dic> the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> to grow<Dic> every tree<Dic> that is pleasant<Dic> to the sight<Dic>, and good<Dic> for food<Dic>; the tree<Dic> of life<Dic> also in the midst<Dic> of the garden<Dic>, and the tree<Dic> of knowledge<Dic> of good<Dic> and evil<Dic>."    

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