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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 4:1"And Adam<Dic> knew<Dic><Dic> Eve<Dic> his wife<Dic>; and she conceived<Dic>, and bare<Dic><Dic> Cain<Dic>, and said<Dic>, I have gotten<Dic> a man<Dic> from<Dic> the LORD<Dic>." "Cain: that is, Gotten, or, Acquired; "    
Gênesis 4:2And she again<Dic> bare<Dic> his brother<Dic> Abel<Dic>. And Abel<Dic> was a keeper<Dic> of sheep<Dic>, but Cain<Dic> was a tiller<Dic> of the ground<Dic>. "Abel: Heb. Hebel; a keeper: Heb. a feeder; "    
Gênesis 4:3And in process<Dic> of time<Dic> it came to pass, that Cain<Dic> brought<Dic> of the fruit<Dic> of the ground<Dic> an offering<Dic> unto the LORD<Dic>. "in process...: Heb. at the end of days; "    
Gênesis 4:4And Abel<Dic>, he<Dic> also brought<Dic> of the firstlings<Dic> of his flock<Dic> and of the fat<Dic> thereof. And the LORD<Dic> had respect<Dic> unto Abel<Dic> and to his offering<Dic>: "flock: Heb. sheep, or, goats; "    
Gênesis 4:5But unto Cain<Dic> and to his offering<Dic> he had not respect<Dic>. And Cain<Dic> was very<Dic> wroth<Dic>, and his countenance<Dic> fell<Dic>.    
Gênesis 4:6And the LORD<Dic> said<Dic> unto Cain<Dic>, Why art thou wroth<Dic>? and why is thy countenance<Dic> fallen<Dic>?    
Gênesis 4:7If<Dic> thou doest well<Dic>, shalt thou not be accepted<Dic>? and if thou doest not well<Dic>, sin<Dic> lieth<Dic> at the door<Dic>. And unto thee shall be his desire<Dic>, and thou shalt rule<Dic> over him. "be accepted: or, have the excellency; unto...: or, subject unto thee; "    
Gênesis 4:8And Cain<Dic> talked<Dic> with<Dic> Abel<Dic> his brother<Dic>: and it came to pass, when they were in the field<Dic>, that Cain<Dic> rose up<Dic> against<Dic> Abel<Dic> his brother<Dic>, and slew him<Dic>.    
Gênesis 4:9And the LORD<Dic> said<Dic> unto Cain<Dic>, Where<Dic> is Abel<Dic> thy brother<Dic>? And he said<Dic>, I know<Dic> not: Am I my brother's<Dic> keeper<Dic>?    
Gênesis 4:10And he said<Dic>, What<Dic> hast thou done<Dic>? the voice<Dic> of thy brother's<Dic> blood<Dic> crieth<Dic> unto me from the ground<Dic>. "blood: Heb. bloods; "    

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