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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 3:15"And I will put<Dic> enmity<Dic> between thee and the woman<Dic>, and between thy seed<Dic> and her seed<Dic>; it shall bruise<Dic> thy head<Dic>, and thou shalt bruise<Dic> his heel<Dic>."    
Gênesis 3:16"Unto the woman<Dic> he said<Dic>, I will greatly<Dic> multiply<Dic> thy sorrow<Dic> and thy conception<Dic>; in sorrow<Dic> thou shalt bring forth<Dic> children<Dic>; and thy desire<Dic> shall be to thy husband<Dic>, and he shall rule<Dic> over thee." "to thy...: or, subject to thy husband; "    
Gênesis 3:17"And unto Adam<Dic> he said<Dic>, Because thou hast hearkened<Dic> unto the voice<Dic> of thy wife<Dic>, and hast eaten<Dic> of the tree<Dic>, of which<Dic> I commanded thee<Dic>, saying<Dic>, Thou shalt not eat<Dic> of it: cursed<Dic> is the ground<Dic> for thy sake; in sorrow<Dic> shalt thou eat<Dic> of it all<Dic> the days<Dic> of thy life<Dic>;"    
Gênesis 3:18"Thorns also<Dic> and thistles<Dic> shall it bring forth<Dic> to thee; and thou shalt eat<Dic> the herb<Dic> of the field<Dic>;" "bring...: Heb. cause to bud; "    
Gênesis 3:19"In the sweat<Dic> of thy face<Dic> shalt thou eat<Dic> bread<Dic>, till<Dic> thou return<Dic> unto the ground<Dic>; for out of it wast thou taken<Dic>: for dust<Dic> thou<Dic> art , and unto dust<Dic> shalt thou return<Dic>."    
Gênesis 3:20"And Adam<Dic> called<Dic> his wife's<Dic> name<Dic> Eve<Dic>; because she was the mother<Dic> of all living<Dic>." "Eve: Heb. Chavah: that is Living; "    
Gênesis 3:21Unto Adam<Dic> also and to his wife<Dic> did the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> make<Dic> coats<Dic> of skins<Dic>, and clothed them<Dic>.    
Gênesis 3:22And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> said<Dic>, Behold<Dic>, the man<Dic> is become as one<Dic> of us, to know<Dic> good<Dic> and evil<Dic>: and now, lest he put forth<Dic> his hand<Dic>, and take<Dic> also of the tree<Dic> of life<Dic>, and eat<Dic>, and live<Dic> for ever<Dic>:    
Gênesis 3:23Therefore the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> sent him forth<Dic> from the garden<Dic> of Eden<Dic>, to till<Dic> the ground<Dic> from whence he was taken<Dic>.    
Gênesis 3:24"So he drove out<Dic> the man<Dic>; and he placed<Dic> at the east<Dic> of the garden<Dic> of Eden<Dic> Cherubims<Dic>, and a flaming<Dic> sword<Dic> which turned every way<Dic>, to keep<Dic> the way<Dic> of the tree<Dic> of life<Dic>."    

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