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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 2:10"And a river<Dic> went out<Dic> of Eden<Dic> to water<Dic> the garden<Dic>; and from thence it was parted<Dic>, and became into four<Dic> heads<Dic>."    
Gênesis 2:11"The name<Dic> of the first<Dic> is Pison<Dic>: that<Dic> is it which compasseth<Dic> the whole land<Dic> of Havilah<Dic>, where<Dic> there is gold<Dic>;"    
Gênesis 2:12And the gold<Dic> of that<Dic> land<Dic> is good<Dic>: there is bdellium<Dic> and the onyx<Dic> stone<Dic>.    
Gênesis 2:13And the name<Dic> of the second<Dic> river<Dic> is Gihon<Dic>: the same is it that compasseth<Dic> the whole land<Dic> of Ethiopia<Dic>. "Ethiopia: Heb. Cush; "    
Gênesis 2:14And the name<Dic> of the third<Dic> river<Dic> is Hiddekel<Dic>: that is it which goeth toward<Dic> the east<Dic> of Assyria<Dic>. And the fourth<Dic> river<Dic> is Euphrates<Dic>. "toward...: or, eastward to Assyria; "    
Gênesis 2:15And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> took<Dic> the man<Dic>, and put him<Dic> into the garden<Dic> of Eden<Dic> to dress<Dic> it and to keep<Dic> it. "the man: or, Adam; "    
Gênesis 2:16And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> commanded<Dic> the man<Dic>, saying<Dic>, Of every tree<Dic> of the garden<Dic> thou mayest freely<Dic> eat<Dic>: "thou...: Heb. eating thou shalt eat; "    
Gênesis 2:17But of the tree<Dic> of the knowledge<Dic> of good<Dic> and evil<Dic>, thou shalt not eat<Dic> of it: for in the day<Dic> that thou eatest<Dic> thereof thou shalt surely<Dic> die<Dic>. "thou shalt surely...: Heb. dying thou shalt die; "    
Gênesis 2:18"And the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> said<Dic>, It is not good<Dic> that the man<Dic> should be<Dic> alone; I will make<Dic> him an help meet<Dic> for him." "meet...: Heb. as before him; "    
Gênesis 2:19"And out of the ground<Dic> the LORD<Dic> God<Dic> formed<Dic> every beast<Dic> of the field<Dic>, and every fowl<Dic> of the air<Dic>; and brought<Dic> them unto Adam<Dic> to see<Dic> what he would call<Dic> them: and whatsoever Adam<Dic> called<Dic> every living<Dic> creature<Dic>, that<Dic> was the name thereof<Dic>." "Adam: or, the man; "    

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