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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Gênesis 4:21And his brother's<Dic> name<Dic> was Jubal<Dic>: he was the father<Dic> of all such as handle<Dic> the harp<Dic> and organ<Dic>.    
Gênesis 4:22And Zillah<Dic>, she also bare<Dic> Tubalcain<Dic>, an instructer<Dic> of every artificer<Dic> in brass<Dic> and iron<Dic>: and the sister<Dic> of Tubalcain<Dic> was Naamah<Dic>. "instructer: Heb. whetter; "    
Gênesis 4:23"And Lamech<Dic> said<Dic> unto his wives<Dic>, Adah<Dic> and Zillah<Dic>, Hear<Dic> my voice<Dic>; ye wives<Dic> of Lamech<Dic>, hearken<Dic> unto my speech<Dic>: for I have slain<Dic> a man<Dic> to my wounding<Dic>, and a young man<Dic> to my hurt<Dic>." "I have...: or, I would slay a man in my wound, etc.; to my hurt: or, in my hurt; "    
Gênesis 4:24If<Dic> Cain<Dic> shall be avenged<Dic> sevenfold<Dic>, truly Lamech<Dic> seventy<Dic> and sevenfold<Dic>.    
Gênesis 4:25"And Adam<Dic> knew<Dic> his wife<Dic> again<Dic>; and she bare<Dic> a son<Dic>, and called<Dic> his name<Dic> Seth<Dic>: For God<Dic>, said she , hath appointed<Dic> me another<Dic> seed<Dic> instead<Dic> of Abel<Dic>, whom<Dic> Cain<Dic> slew<Dic>." "Seth: Heb. Sheth: that is Appointed, or, Put; "    
Gênesis 4:26"And to Seth<Dic>, to him<Dic> also there was born<Dic> a son<Dic>; and he called<Dic> his name<Dic> Enos<Dic>: then began men<Dic> to call<Dic> upon the name<Dic> of the LORD<Dic>." "Enos: Heb. Enosh; to call...: or, to call themselves by the name of the Lord; "    
Gênesis 5:1"This<Dic> is the book<Dic> of the generations<Dic> of Adam<Dic>. In the day<Dic> that God<Dic> created<Dic> man<Dic>, in the likeness<Dic> of God<Dic> made<Dic> he him;"    
Gênesis 5:2"Male<Dic> and female<Dic> created<Dic> he them; and blessed<Dic> them, and called<Dic> their name<Dic> Adam<Dic>, in the day<Dic> when they were created<Dic>."    
Gênesis 5:3"And Adam<Dic> lived<Dic> an hundred<Dic> and thirty<Dic> years<Dic>, and begat<Dic> a son in his own likeness<Dic>, after his image<Dic>; and called<Dic> his name<Dic> Seth<Dic>:"    
Gênesis 5:4And the days<Dic> of Adam<Dic> after<Dic> he had begotten<Dic> Seth<Dic> were eight<Dic> hundred<Dic> years<Dic>: and he begat<Dic> sons<Dic> and daughters<Dic>:    

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