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Gênesis 15:3And Abram<Dic> said<Dic>, Behold, to me thou hast given<Dic> no<Dic> seed<Dic>: and, lo, one born<Dic> in my house<Dic> is mine heir<3423>.    
Gênesis 15:4"And, behold, the word<Dic> of the LORD<Dic> came unto him, saying<Dic>, This shall not be thine heir<3423>; but he that shall come forth<Dic> out of thine own bowels<Dic> shall be thine heir<3423>."    
Gênesis 15:7And he said<Dic> unto him, I am the LORD<Dic> that brought thee out<Dic> of Ur<Dic> of the Chaldees<Dic>, to give<Dic> thee this land<Dic> to inherit<3423> it.    
Gênesis 15:8And he said<Dic>, Lord<Dic> GOD<Dic>, whereby<Dic> shall I know<Dic> that I shall inherit it<3423>?    
Gênesis 21:10Wherefore she said<Dic> unto Abraham<Dic>, Cast out<Dic> this bondwoman<Dic> and her son<Dic>: for the son<Dic> of this bondwoman<Dic> shall not be heir<3423> with my son<Dic>, even with Isaac<Dic>.    
Gênesis 22:17"That in blessing<Dic> I will bless<Dic> thee, and in multiplying<Dic> I will multiply<Dic> thy seed<Dic> as the stars<Dic> of the heaven<Dic>, and as the sand<Dic> which is upon the sea<Dic> shore<Dic>; and thy seed<Dic> shall possess<3423> the gate<Dic> of his enemies<Dic>;" "shore: Heb. lip; "    
Gênesis 24:60And they blessed<Dic> Rebekah<Dic>, and said<Dic> unto her, Thou<Dic> art our sister<Dic>, be thou<Dic> the mother of thousands<Dic> of millions<Dic>, and let thy seed<Dic> possess<3423> the gate<Dic> of those which hate<Dic> them.    
Gênesis 28:4"And give<Dic> thee the blessing<Dic> of Abraham<Dic>, to thee, and to thy seed<Dic> with thee; that thou mayest inherit<3423> the land<Dic> wherein thou art a stranger<Dic>, which God<Dic> gave<Dic> unto Abraham<Dic>." "wherein...: Heb. of thy sojournings; "    
Gênesis 45:11"And there will I nourish<Dic> thee; for yet there are five<Dic> years<Dic> of famine<Dic>; lest thou, and thy household<Dic>, and all that thou hast, come to poverty<3423>."    
Êxodo 15:9"The enemy<Dic> said<Dic>, I will pursue<Dic>, I will overtake<Dic>, I will divide<Dic> the spoil<Dic>; my lust<Dic> shall be satisfied<Dic> upon them; I will draw<Dic> my sword<Dic>, my hand<Dic> shall destroy<3423> them." "destroy: or, repossess; "    

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