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   Versão: English: King James Version with Strongs
Provérbios 27:17"Iron<Dic> sharpeneth<2300> iron<Dic>; so a man<Dic> sharpeneth<2300> the countenance<Dic> of his friend<Dic>."    
Ezequiel 21:9"Son<Dic> of man<Dic>, prophesy<Dic>, and say<Dic>, Thus saith<Dic> the LORD<Dic>; Say<Dic>, A sword<Dic>, a sword<Dic> is sharpened<2300>, and also furbished<Dic>:"    
Ezequiel 21:10"It is sharpened<2300> to make a sore<Dic> slaughter<Dic>; it is furbished<Dic> that it may glitter<Dic>: should<Dic> we then make mirth<Dic>? it contemneth<Dic> the rod<Dic> of my son<Dic>, as every tree<Dic>." "it contemneth...: or, it is the rod of my son, it despiseth every tree; "    
Ezequiel 21:11And he hath given<Dic> it to be furbished<Dic>, that it may be handled<Dic><Dic>: this sword<Dic> is sharpened<2300>, and it is furbished<Dic>, to give<Dic> it into the hand<Dic> of the slayer<Dic>.    
Habacuque 1:8"Their horses<Dic> also are swifter<Dic> than the leopards<Dic>, and are more fierce<2300> than the evening<Dic> wolves<Dic>: and their horsemen<Dic> shall spread<Dic> themselves, and their horsemen<Dic> shall come<Dic> from far<Dic>; they shall fly<Dic> as the eagle<Dic> that hasteth<Dic> to eat<Dic>." "fierce: Heb. sharp; "    

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